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I firmly believe that anyone can play an instrument and express themselves through music. You do not need to be musically inclined or ’talented’. If you are dedicated and practice diligently, you will see results in a short time. Results that will astound even you. I have students ranging from 6 to 55+ years, who learn and play with an equal amount of enthusiasm and dedication. Hence my motto - Anyone can play!


Music is a language through which one expresses their feelings, thoughts and emotions. If one were to express them in a known language say english for example, it would be so easy because you know the words and their meanings and how to string them together to say what you mean. Learning to play an Instrument is just a technicality. It's like learning how to use a pen and a paper to jot down thoughts or use a word processing software. The actual content is the thought, feeling or emotion.

I Believe

Actually, all education is self-education. A teacher is only a guide, to point out the way. No school, no matter how excellent, can give you education. What you receive is like the outlines in a child’s coloring book. You must fill in the colors yourself. – Louis L’Amour

my team

This is my team who assist and inspire me to create magic for you.

Relationship Manager


Crime Master Gogo
Recovery Agent

Finance manager

Strength in adversity

Behind the scenes manager


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Rraj Kaushal

Director / Producer

Sebastian to me is an institution in music. His compositions come from his soul. A heart that lives music and a head that understands the intricate nuances of this medium. As a professional he has always come through for me and delivered a quality product within deadlines. He is truly an understated genius.


J. Sathyan

Film Maker, Ex National Director (Content) GroupM

Sebastian is an extremely talented Composer with whom I have been working over the many years now. Together we have worked on many ad commercials and short films one of which "Harvey's Dream" has won many awards including ones for Best Original Score and Best Sound Design. Truly a pleasure working with him!


Sukhi Kalsi

Voice artist / Singer / RJ for Mirchi Edge

Been around two months that I have been getting lessons from Sebastian. Before this, I had tried learning online and also been to a few guitar training schools but my basic concepts weren't clear. Sebastian spent a lotta time clearing out all these musical concepts. Looking forward to playing live with him some day for a concert ;-)


Shaumik Pillai


Sebastian sir is the best teacher I've had so far, his methods are really professional, he goes at a comfortable pace and doesn’t rush topics. He corrected and showed me the right way of songwriting/composition compared to what I was doing earlier. If you want to make music your career, this is the right person to go to. He gives great advice on what all you should plan to do, what goals to set.


Pooja Satikuwar

Deputy General Manager Sales

I am a typical working woman who wants to learn new things but have no time and had almost given up on pursuing my passion. I tried 4 years ago but was not guided well. Now, I met Sebastian who is the reason that I am pursing my passion again. His teaching pattern is according to my grasping skills. He is the perfect Guru, if you are looking to learn to play a musical instrument.


Rajul Mangal

Analyst (Management Consulting)

Like any course, music learning is also dependent on pedagogy. Sebastian sir makes it so easy to understand the various music concepts governing playing of guitar. He uses a very structured approach customized based on student's learning speed and grasp. He is a very patient teacher and makes learning easy and fun. Excellent learning, superb coaching.


Learn Online

You can now learn your favorite music online!

-A computer with a Webcam, Microphone and Speakers/headphones
-Skype installed on your system
-An internet connection with a reasonable bandwidth
-A guitar (Acoustic or electric)
-Set up in a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed.

Video Tutorials

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C scale Frets 0 to 3

C scale Frets 2 to 5

C Scale Frets 5 to 8

Jam Tracks

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12 Bar Blues in A

@ 130 BPM

1625 Slow Country

@ 85 BPM

Am Dm Funk

@ 100 BPM

Guitar Tips

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Short Films

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Angela's Self Requiem

Short Film


Short Film

Harvey's Dream

Short Film


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The Loner

Gary Moore

Ain't No Sunshine

Bill Withers


The Shadows


Sebastian Andrade

Address: Shanti Garden Sector 5, Mira Road.

Mobile: +91 865-2220-865