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Create Your Own Music

Music Creation

Music creation is a vast area that requires very precise skills and expertise. Having composed and produced so much music also prompted me to teach music composition, production and digital music creation. Once you progress from playing music then I can teach you to create and produce your own songs or score music to film. From midi programming, using software synthesizers and samplers, recording live, editing, right up to mixing and mastering your own product.

Music Composition & Production

This course is designed for a student to be able to create original music. The focus will be on Midi keyboards as a preferred instrument. Prerequisites are, a good knowledge of music theory and a wide range of musical styles and genres.

Music Production & Live Recording

Once a student has learned the concepts of composing and arranging music, it’s time to put that learning to practical use. Topics in this course are Digital Audio Workstations, Virtual Instruments, Sampling, Synthesis, Recording live instruments and Editing.

Scoring music for films

After a student has learned to compose arrange and produce music, scoring music for films is the next step. Topics covered are Types of films and formats, importing techniques, learning to recognize shots and decide musical requirements for different situations and working as per the client’s brief.

Mixing and Mastering

After composing, producing and scoring, it’s time to mix and master the music for distribution. Topics cover Equalizing, Compression, Reverbs, Delays, Levelling, Doubling, side chaining and advanced mixing and mastering techniques.

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