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Sebastian Andrade

Composer, Producer & Instructor

About Me

I’m Sebastian Andrade and I’m from Goa. I am a self-taught musician, composer, producer, singer, songwriter, and music instructor, who has gained both knowledge and skill over the years. My musical influences range from jazz, blues, rock, funk, rhythm n blues and soul. Some of my favorite guitar players are Joe Pass, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Santana.

I started playing the guitar sometime in the mid-eighties and went on to play professionally a couple of years later. I then took up keyboards and music production. This lead me to compose jingles for ads and score music for corporate films. Bollywood beckoned and I began to write music for movies. I’ve also produced music for independent artists and short films that have won awards.

The teaching has continued consistently over the years alongside all the composing and producing. My teaching methods include theory, playing from memory, ear training, visual and mental exercises, and vary from student to student. Every student's course plan is personalized according the students pace, capabilities and musical influences. It enables my students to pick up the instrument within a few sessions.

My awards

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